Project 2026 Initiatives include developing and sharing the Foresight future studies course in conjunction with other schools domestically and internationally.  Also, 2026 seeks to establish LJCDS as part of a global campus network in at least ten countries in the next ten years.

Thanks in no small part to an introduction by the US State Department Office of Overseas Schools, we have been an invited participant at the AAIE annual conference for the past three years, and was a presenter and workshop leader (for 2026) at the 2013 AAIE Conference in San Francisco. We are the only participating K-12 school that is not an official international school.

For members of the LJCDS faculty and administration who may have an interest at some point in their careers of working internationally, AAIE represents an terrific source of job opportunity information.

The link for AAIE is:  www.aaie.org

AAIE  is the Association for the Advancement of International Education.

AAIE Beliefs

We believe that…

  • Education is key to ensuring a peaceful, ethical and sustainable future.
  • Every individual has intrinsic value and deserves respect.
  • Diversity strengthens community and enriches lives.
  • High expectations are necessary to achieve excellence.
  • Continuous improvement requires taking risks, seizing opportunities and making meaningful change. 
  • Sustained commitment and optimism lead to success.
  • Honesty and integrity are fundamental to building and maintaining trusting relationships.
  • We are all responsible for our own actions, for the well being of others and for preserving the Earth.


AAIE Mission

The mission of AAIE is to inspire and support leaders in international educational to achieve excellence and innovation by creating a dynamic, global community that:


  • Provides forums for discussion and the resolution of common issues;
  • Promotes advancements in school leadership, educational research, and best practice;
  • Develops partnerships with institutions and associations worldwide; and
  • Fosters networks of personal and professional relationships.


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Please help us to create a legacy of futures-thinkers!


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