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The Wallace Foundation Funding Guidelines

Our mission is to improve learning and enrichment opportunities for children. We do this by supporting and sharing effective ideas and practices in five major initiatives:

  • School Leadership: Strengthening the leadership of principals and other key figures to improve student achievement.
  • After School: Helping cities improve access to high-quality after-school programs through coordinating the work of government agencies, private funders, nonprofits and others groups.
  • Summer and Extended Learning Time: Supporting school district and other efforts to expand learning time during summer and the school day or year.
  • Arts Education: Expanding arts learning opportunities for children and teens in school and beyond.
  • Audience Development for the Arts: Supporting arts organizations to develop and test ideas for reaching new audiences so that many more people might enjoy the benefits of the arts.

In each of these areas, our approach is to fund selected organizations to test promising new ideas, to conduct independent research about their efforts and related matters, and to share what we learn. The idea is to benefit our grantees as well as many organizations that are interested in pursuing similar changes but may never receive our direct funding.

In most cases, we identify prospective grantees and invite them, through “requests for proposals” or other careful screening, to submit applications for grants. We believe this approach strengthens the effectiveness of our funding. But it also means Wallace rarely funds unsolicited proposals. Nevertheless, you may submit an inquiry by e-mail, briefly describing your project, your organization, the estimated total cost of the project and the portion requiring funding to: The Wallace Foundationgrantrequest@wallacefoundation.org.

The foundation does not award grants for religious or fraternal organizations, international programs, conferences, historical restoration, health, medical or social service programs, environmental/conservation programs, capital campaigns, emergency funds or deficit financing, private foundations or individuals.

  • Whether or not your organization receives our funding, we welcome your interest in our work. We provide free access to a range of publications and other materials containing ideas and practices that you may find useful. We hope you will visit our online Knowledge Center and sign up for our newsletter

Wallace Foundation Awards $4 Million to Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative

The Wallace Foundation has announced a $4 million grant to the Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative to sustain and expand high-quality arts education in schools across the district.

To that end, the six-year, $10 million initiative will work to build the capacity of Boston Public Schools to support high-quality arts education through new approaches to arts instruction, curriculum, professional development, partnership coordination, and student and family engagement. The funding raises to $8 million the total awarded to the initiative by foundations and other investors, including the BarrBoston,Klarman Family, and Linde Family foundations.

Led by EdVestors, a Boston-based education nonprofit, the initiative was launched in 2009 with the goal to expand arts instruction in city schools, build the capacity of BPS to support school-based arts programs, and enhance partnerships between schools, arts and cultural groups, and institutions of higher education. A key piece of BPS superintendent Carol Johnson's five-year Acceleration Agenda, the initiative was developed by a collaboration of local funders, schools, arts organizations, the mayor's office, and the school district.

"Arts learning opportunities have been diminishing over the last three generations of school children," said Wallace Foundation president Will Miller. "The Wallace Foundation is looking forward to working with its partners in Boston who are testing new approaches to reverse this trend, and to learning with them about how to best strengthen arts learning in school districts.

“Boston Receives $4 Million Grant to Expand Arts Education in Bosto... Wallace Foundation Press Release 2/08/12.

Primary Subject: Arts and Culture 
Secondary Subject(s): Elementary and Secondary Education 
Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts


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