Foresight Education is offered at a number of colleges and universities around the globe. Here is what our friends at Global Foresight have found so far:

Masters and PhD programs - full time
Masters and PhD programs - online and/or part time
Undergraduate programs
   Anne Arundel Community CollegeInstitute for the Future.
    Arnold, MD. AACC is the leading U.S. example of what a community college-level futures program can be. They offer in-person and online FS courses, do FS research, maintain a faculty speakers bureau, and have an e-Newsletter. Excellent. Contact: Director, Steve Steele.
   Bowling Green State University - FirelandsInitiatives for the Future (IF)

Huron, OH. Futuring initiative at one of the seven BGSU campuses, to integrate the study of the future into the role and mission of BGSU Firelands. Kay Strong is IF director and Professor of Economics, Statistics & Future Studies at BGSU Firelands. E-Futuring Learning Community.

   Cal. State University, Dominguez HillsGlobal Options.

Carson, CA. FS faculty champion Linda Groff (homepage) and colleagues teach undergrad courses with integrated futures modules, including Global Planning and the Future (Poli. Sci), Tech Policy and the Future (Poli Sci), Anthro and the Future (Anthro), Sociology of the Future (Soc.). Great model to be emulated. Dr. Groff's late husband, Paul Smoker was a pioneer in peace studies and activism.

   Fullerton CollegeCenter for the Future.
    Fullerton, CA. Speaker series, networking faculty and students interested in future trends, bringing foresight to community outreach and fund development. Contact: Director, Bruce Cordell.
   University of Advancing TechnologyForesight Development (TCH110).
    Tempe, AZ. A required (core) undergraduate course in foresight development (futures studies plus personal futures skills), the first core FD course in the US. Universal(sci-tech), global, societal, organizational, and personal futures knowledge and skill development. This course was developed in association with ASF. Would you like help implementing a similar one at your institution? Contact: John Smart, course developer.
   University of ArizonaAnticipating the Future.
    Tucson, AZ. An online course. Dr. Caldwell is retired but maintains an informative FS website. Contact: Roger Caldwell, Emeritus Faculty.

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