Imagine the world of possibilities...
...when your students' minds are wide open!

Foresight Education is a curriculum that helps your students learn how to innovate for long-term solutions.

Foresight Education equips students with futures methods so that they can innovate solutions arising from uncertainties. It engages their imagination and challenges them to consider ethical and moral implications so that they understand how decisions made today affect tomorrows. Along the way, students build their capacity for wisdom. They also learn new ways of thinking with open minds and open hearts.

  • If you want students to INNOVATE, teach them how to imagine solutions for long-term, complex issues
  • If you want students to CREATE, give them free space to dream in the future
  • If you want students to evoke COMPASSION, teach them how to examine future implications of decisions made today!

What is Foresight Education?
Foresight Education has been developed by expert futurist practitioners and renowned futurists from leading universities. Foresight Education imbues the Aspirational Futures framework, a highly regarded futures methodology developed by the Institute for Alternative Futures and used by Fortune 500 companies, successful NGOs and governmental agencies.

Helping students imagine the future requires critical thinking, inspires imaginative problem solving and helps student tackle uncertainties with reason and attention to long-term implications.

Watch this short clip to learn more about future studies!

Why should I teach it?
Foresight Education embodies a systematic process that moves students from open-ended inquiry, through rigorous research which then opens again to reveal creative solutions based on logical, valid conclusions, which address ethical and moral implications. The outcomes of Foresight Education are to enable students to develop, experience and apply their capacity for wisdom in the face of uncertainties.

We believe that in order to help our younger students to succeed in their future, they will need to have skills to master the basics of change, anticipate it and  manage uncertainty and ambiguity and ultimately to proactively create the changes necessary to bend the future to more preferable outcomes. Foresight Education is a pedagogical process that provides students with these skills.

Through Foresight Education, we are committed to guiding students
towards their capacity for wisdom!

Foresight Education was developed by leading thinkers and academics in futures studies. Our curriculum is the result of more than 30 years of practice in futures methodologies with Fortune 500 companies, US military and non-profit organizations. Best of all, it is:

  • Open, free, downloadable curriculum
  • Flexible time lines
  • Adaptable across all disciplines
  • AP-approved "lens" for learning
  • Incorporates 21st Century Skills and Knowledge
  • Aligns with Core Curriculum ELA
  • AP/IB Assessment alignment

Importantly, Foresight Education is not limited by standards! While it recognizes the value of standards, it must be understood that the aim of foresight education is to break free of any boundaries and to explore all the possibilities for learning, thinking, creating and innovating. Foresight Education recognizes that there are many pathways to thinking about the future and dealing with uncertainties and therefore encourages teachers, students and everyone to explore their own pathways.

Foresight Education's GUIDE FOR CURRICULUM provides examples for engaging in futures methods. It offers flexible programming -- which can be engaged in over any given amount of time -- a semester, a week, etc. It also spans subject areas and can be used within science, history, language arts, you name it!

How was it developed?
The Foresight Education Curriculum Plan is built on research and pedagogical practices drawn from leading practitioners and academicians in Futures. The curriculum also infuses practices from innovative educational frameworks including 21st Century Skills and Knowledge, Project-based learning, Student-centered learning, and reflects newly issued Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

Pedagogically, the curriculum employs an experiential based approach in which teachers and learners share knowledge to build their understandings. Additionally, students advance through the curriculum based on mastery. In this regard, the curriculum follows Competency-based Learning Models.

Is it aligned?
Foresight Education is aligned to (but not limited to):

  • 21st Century Skills and Knowledge
  • Common Core State Standards for ELA
  • AP Assessment Guidelines and frameworks Research & Seminar curriculum
  • IB Assessment frameworks





Curriculum Guide





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