Our students have been doing outstanding futures work! Here are a few examples:

All of the topics were selected by the students.  Each presentation contains the author's Aspiration Statement, brief reference to the topic's history and current conditions, major trends and at least three scenarios exploring alternative futures.

Each topic should be thought of as "The Future of..."

By clicking on the topic of your choice, you will be connected to a downloaded copy of the full powerpoint presentation which you may view.  Any subsequent use of the presentations should be accompanied by the appropriate citation of the author(s) and La Jolla Country Day School.

These presentations have not been professionally prepared or edited. We hope, by offering them in "as is" condition, students in future classes will have a more meaningful exposure to what can, and perhaps, what should not, be done.


La Jolla Country Day School, 2013

La Jolla Country Day School, 2012

  • Click here to see the full list of video presentations.

La Jolla Country Day School, 2011

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