Since 2009, we have been teaching Foresight Education in schools across the globe. While our list has over 30 schools, here are just a few examples:

  •  Int. School of Prague:  will include Foresight in its 11th grade Physics course; will offer individual foresight projects and will host, with CEESA, a teachers’ foresight program in March 2013.
  • Int. School of Brussels will have several Foresight pilot programs: Grade 10 Humanities “instead of researching a past event, students will have to analyze a present issue and write scenarios for the future.”  Also, a middle school Foresight program is being designed for 7th grade issues course.  Foresight will be added to upper school English. And, Foresight will be included in the High School Art program. Overall, Brussels finds Foresight aligning especially well with new curriculum components “Connection To the Natural World,” “Communications Systems,” Sustainable Production and Consumption,” and Systems for Problem Solving and Prediction.”
  • Int. School of Latvia is teaching Foresight/Future Thinking in grades 11 & 12.
  • Asuncion, Paraguay: Foresight is being used in th counseling program: the school has started “Project 2023” to help students explore educational and career goals/options (scenarios) ten years ahead.  Also being introduced to 12th grade Comparative Government. And, another course created a project, "The Role of Paraguay in the 21st Century," which explored alternative futures for their country to 2032.
  • Bucharest:  they are conducting a pilot program for middle school “gifted and talented” this year and plan to provide Foresight as a major project for all 8th Grade students next year.
  • Skopje, Macedonia:  AP Human Geography
  • Manila:  8th Grade “Changing Our World” Social Studies. Also, students have been assigned responsibility for designing the approach to one of the school's three long term goals concerning sustainability. Future study skills are a central element of this student led process.
  • Kaohsiung:  Foresight in Spring 2013 as a “future trends of global issues” project in US History; also incorporated into 10th grade history.

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